Facility Booking

Save Time and Prevent Double Bookings

Managing facility reservations through one master book at the front desk can be risky. Only one ‘user’ can access the book at any time, payments sit in a different place, and double bookings occur. With facility scheduling software, you can simplify the process and save time with these features:

  • Quick Reserve – Set defaults for your most common facility reservations and save up to five steps over regular reservations by setting pre-defined options.
  • Scheduling Calendar – View multiple facilities at once by day, week or month in order to get a complete view of your calendar. Set global skip days and holidays to prevent reservation bookings on days your facilities are closed.
  • Workflow Management – Automate the process of getting permits approved by management or another department. Use the stages feature to create workflows and ensure that approvers receive an email to approve reservation bookings.
  • Facility Charge Matrix – Automatically configure charges for permits and different facility types rather than entering manually.
  • Deposits and Claims – Protect against damages and cancellations by requiring deposits that can be automatically refunded after use. Another option offers flexibility by setting up claim charges to hold a facility before the full payment is due.