Accounting Management

Our excellent Back Office and Accounting System covers Purchasing, Stocks Receiving, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Cost Control and Recipe Management, General Cashier and General Ledger (G/L) and additional Fixed Assets. 

Some of the many features available are:

  • Cost Control: Automatic Food and Beverage Cost Reconciliation and Integration to Point of Sales for Complimentary. Recipe Management based on the actual average prices with integration to Point of Sales and Inventory Cost Control Module. 
  • Create unlimited number of G/L accounts with user definable account digit numbers format.Definition of this and next years Budget.
  • Transaction Trace Back Facility until the source detail using Drill Down Capability. 
  • Full integration with Front Office, Point of Sales and Banquet & Conference Modules, which automatically updates the G/L (Single Entry Philosophy). 
  • Using TiaSQL Macros as G/L Report Writer and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to MS-Excel, enables financial reports output in Excel format with user definable design. Approx. 100 summary and status reports as management tools to assist you analyzing and increasing your operational efficiency and maximize yields.