About Us

Total Integrated Modular System.
TiaSQL is designed to integrate Property Management System (PMS), Club Management System (CMS), Accounting Systems, Material Control Systems, Employee Systems, Food & Beverage System  and Administration Systems. An entry in the Front Office System, in the Point Of Sales System and, or in the Events System will automatically process and update the proper General Ledger Accounts. The modular approach of TiaSQL software allows the customers to purchase only the module packages they require at present and keep the flexibility to add on more module packages as the business needs grow.

Modern & Powerful Tool.
TiaSQL has been developed under Windows Version and a variety of other computer platforms such as Microsoft Windows based system. TiaSQL employs the latest state-of-the-art software technology - Progress Visual Studio Research DBMS.

Highly Secured System.
TiaSQL is a highly secured Property & Club Management System. It enables the users to set up allowed menus and functions by using Identification Coding. The Identification Codes - users' names and passwords - will be recognized by the system before entering the menus and functions.

Easy to Use.
TiaSQL It is easy for TiaSQL users to learn and operate the system within a short period of time since TiaSQL is developed using all standard of Windows version.

TiaSQL is a cost effective integrated property & club management solution. We offer modules to our customers and our TiaSQL little version is an option for smaller and large clubs up to 250.000 members while keeping the flexibility to have the upgraded to the TiaSQL Pro version when required.