Founded in 1997, it began with requests from several companies and institutions to make a computer application, which then took place periodically, to be followed by requests from other companies, finally this business house software business was managed seriously, which was then born TIA SYSTEM Solution. Based on developments and to meet market demand (market demand), in addition to software development hospitality, TIA SYSTEM Solution also develops other business application tools such as Accounting Software, POs Software, Membership Software, Education Software, Hotel Software and others. With experience and customer satisfaction oriented, TIA SYSTEM Solution continuously improves quality and service, starting from products by always keeping up with the latest technological developments, to increasing the skills and knowledge of its HR. As an effort to expand market reach, precisely in March 2002 TIA SYSTEM Solution "launched" its official superior product (TiaSQL).


Being a Software House company that contributes greatly to the national and country of Indonesia that we love.


  1. Improve quality and service on an ongoing basis.
  2. Product upgrades in accordance with market demand trends and up-to-date technological developments.
  3. Respond and accommodate any complaints from customers.
  4. Improve skills and HR knowledge with regular and periodic training programs.
  5. Maintain cohesiveness and teamwork.
  6. Creating a comportable, comfortable and harmonious work atmosphere in the company's internal environment.
  7. Build this company to reach a wider market.
  8. Open cooperation opportunities for brokers and resellers.


TiaSQL - Software for The Best Business Hospitality Industry Solution