TIA SYSTEM Solution is a fast growing global hospitality software developer company established since 1997 with the objective of bridging the gap between technology, as its forte and the hospitality industry.

TIA SYSTEM Solution collaborates with our clients to provide the winning edge in business through technology leveraging with total integration as the catalyst for efficient and informed decision making.

TIA SYSTEM Solution (Registered company name: TSS) a Indonesia based, company was established in 1997. Since its inception, the organization has expanded to develop and provide enterprise-class software solutions for the hospitality industries and leisure industries. Combine over 25 years of experience from our team members in hospitality solutions and software development, the systems were launched with a series product offering: a suite of truly integrated modules for Hotel PMS, Membership Management, Food & Beverage, Retail Management, Golf Operation, Resort SPA, Sport Club, and Financial Management.

Our hospitality consultancy services is our division which is primed for fast growth worldwide as the world embrace on a seamless travel concept and requiring a high level of understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry. This starts with the hospitality organizations where we are proud to specialize in our IT consultancy. Our Consultants are equipped with a high level of hospitality industry IT competency and experienced which provides the value to all our customers. With a total of 25 years experience of all facets of the hospitality industry, we are the right partners for all your hospitality IT requirements with focused and industry specialization.


Being a Software House company that contributes greatly to the national and country of Indonesia that we love.


  1. Improve quality and service on an ongoing basis.
  2. Product upgrades in accordance with market demand trends and up-to-date technological developments.
  3. Respond and accommodate any complaints from customers.
  4. Improve skills and HR knowledge with regular and periodic training programs.
  5. Maintain cohesiveness and teamwork.
  6. Creating a comfortable, comfortable and harmonious work atmosphere in the company's internal environment.
  7. Build this company to reach a wider market.
  8. Open cooperation opportunities for brokers and resellers.


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